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Game IntroductionEdit

Legend of Master Online is a free MORPG for android devices. You have a choice of 3 classes; Guardian, Ranger, or Sorcerer. You can't choose a race, but you can choose a gender. All weapons and armor can be upgraded and you can customize your character with which skills you choose to equip. There are alot of cool and unique features to this game. To name a couple, you can complete dungeons in auto mode that doesn't require any interaction from you unless you choose to and you can also add subskills (Talents) to your skills. There are different types of gameplay in LoM: You can solo or join a party (with up to 3 players) to complete dungeons for exp, gold, gear, and other items. Battle others 1 vs 1 or in teams for weekly rewards. And don't forget to complete the Dungeon of Tribulation for a good number of gear drops.

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  • Classes
  • Gear
  • Crafting

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This wiki page is in its infancy, so please check back often.

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